We Offer greater value for your Manufacturing of P.O.P Displays, Packaging, and Co-packaging needs:

TMS Fulfilment Inc offers solutions for companies requiring P.O.P Displays, precise packaging, prompt service and aggressive pricing. Driven to quality that exceeds our customers' expectations, we provide value-added co-packaging services that become an extension of your Purchasing and Logistics departments.

We can warehouse, produce and ship your P.O.P Displays, Packaging, and Consumer products when needed. We specialize in fast turnarounds to enhance your supply chain throughput. All projects handled within TMS Fulfilment Inc are driven by Standard Operating Procedures.

We offer Structural and Graphic design services for packaging and P.O.P displays • Manufacturing of Primary Packaging and P.O.P displays in Canada, USA, China and Mexico • Co-packing • ISTA testing • Pick and Pack Services • Order Fulfilment • Distribution • Short and Long-term Storage
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✓ 40,000 sq. ft. of space available for monthly pallet rental
✓ ERP manufacturing and inventory management system
✓ EDI with all major retailers, for seamless order flow