what we offer...

Manufacturing of P.O.P Displays & Packaging

Depending on the timelines you have to get your Product and Displays into Retail, we have perfected a process that allows us to effectively manufacturer your display in the best economical manner possible. Whether your displays are manufactured locally in Mississauga, or in China, we take pride in our capabilities.

Assembly & packing of P.O.P displays

We can assemble and pack your displays locally in Mississauga, or in China. Over the last few years, with the help of our team, and export agent in China, we have perfected a process that allows you to ship your product from your Chinese manufacturer to our display factory in China. From there, we manufacture, pack, and ship the displays for you.

Structural & Graphic design services

Brand conscious and retail aware, our experienced graphic designers work closely with our structural design team to provide a holistic approach to brand communication.

Blister Packing

Complete Blister Packaging displays your product in all its visual appeal and features, and at the same time, protects it in transit and on the shelf.

Relabeling & over labeling

Re-labeling adds value to your product by allowing you to create the full branded package for your label. It also allows you to add important details that may need to be added if they are not already there.

Hand assembly

Whether you are looking to outsource a simple hand assembly or an entire secondary department, We have the skilled labor and capacity to help you.

Repacking / Rework

If you have products going to waste over production errors, shelf wear, shipping damage, or merchandising returns, we can help you recover those marketable assets with our on-demand repackaging capabilities as well as efficiently reintroduce the products back where they need to be in the supply chain.

Shrink wrapping

Ideal for products or promotions where multiple items are to be presented at retail in an appealing, tamper-resistant manner, shrink wrapping accounts for a good portion of what we do. What's more, we stock a wide variety of different types of shrink film to assure each job gets up and running without delay.


POS materials and Sample kits, are frequently requested. We accept materials from your vendors, and provide sorting and assembly, as well as integration with your stock product.

Warehousing services

We can meet your requirements for long term or short term warehousing and distribution, reinforcing your company's message of customer commitment. Because we know that the safe, timely, and accurate storage and transport of your product is vital to your success - and ours.

Direct to store shipping

We all know that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This solution saves manufacturers and retailers more of their supply chain costs and provides better service. Consumers see more product on the shelves. Manufacturers and retailers see higher sales.

ISTA testing capabilities

We offer ISTA accredited services to provide Shipping and Packaging Testing to verify the integrity of your packaging and how well it will perform during shipping related events.